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My Approach

I see people as complex beings capable of learning - regardless of age, gender, skin colour, ethnic origin, religion, culture, physical impairment, neurological challenges, level of education or class.

Changes and personal developments are possible as long as I consciously decide to go for it and get involved. In my individuality, I am part of a greater whole and thus in constant resonance with other living beings and my environment.

As a teacher, I am also a learner. I understand my environment and my fellow human beings - in the larger context also the world - as a mirror. A mirror that shows me what I have already learned and what I can still learn. 

My work is shaped by the experience that theory and practice must meet at eye level in order to generate application-oriented ability to act. That is why I combine theoretical knowledge with didactic expertise, creative methods and application-oriented experience in my events. Since it is important to me to meet people where they are now, the way I teach depends on the previous knowledge and needs of the respective target group. The wholeness of the human being - i.e. no separation between thoughts, emotions and (physical) sensations - plays an essential role.


After graduating from high school in 1986, I trained as an industrial clerk before turning to my true passion: theatre. I found fulfilment in the interdisciplinary diploma course in cultural education at the University of Hildesheim. Here I learned to appreciate and love an inspiring combination of academic theory and artistic practice. This mutually enriching, often also unwieldy "marriage" between theory and practice has accompanied me ever since and is one of the essential features of my work. After my studies in cultural education, I moved to Great Britain. There I taught, researched and lived for almost 17 years and completed a PaR (practice-as-research) PhD (doctor of philosophy). I worked as a lecturer at various universities in the UK, as well as a live art/performance artist and theatre maker. My many years of experience of closely supervising students (BA, MA, PhD) during their studies and beyond in the UK, as well as the accompanying, coaching supervision of PhD students at the University of Hildesheim in the context of my position as project coordinator of the research training group "Gender and Education" prompted me to take part in coaching training as an Expert of Communication at the Hanseatic Institute in Hamburg in 2018. 

Since 2015 I have been a trainer for personal development and gender awareness, coach and supervisor. I accompany teams in change processes, mediate in conflict resolution and support individuals in challenging biographical situations. In addition to various seminars at the Schulz von Thun Institute, I completed an additional training as a trainer in gender justice and conflict resolution in child and youth welfare in 2021.

Papers, Presentations & Publications

My enthusiasm for combining theory and practice comes through in my lectures and - when possible - in my publications. Conceiving, writing and ultimately presenting performative, participatory talks makes my heart beat faster. This is where all my experience, expertise and skills come together in playful ease, which surprises and delights me - and often my audiences too - every time.


My clients and customers include non-profit organisations and associations, colleges and universities, public organisations and institutions, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals.

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