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Gender Awareness

You understand the need for a gender-equitable society, but have no idea what you or your team can contribute to it in concrete terms. You are happy about the increasing attention of the gender debate, but feel overwhelmed by the demands of a gender-equitable approach to your colleagues, staff, young people and children. You are passionate about the topic, but find yourself "falling back" into the old gender stereotypes in everyday interactions with others.

If you are looking for help and support on the topic of gender awareness - no matter in which area - you have come to the right place. The scope of my seminars, workshops and lectures ranges from a low-threshold introduction to the topic to a detailed deepening of already existing knowledge. My offers are oriented towards the needs and requirements of the respective target groups. The concrete reference to everyday applicability is always part of my work. 

Below you will find a list of possible areas of work and topics. If you do not find your specific wish or need here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

On wild princesses and pink guys

Gender in early childhood education and pedagogy

As a certified trainer in gender justice and conflict resolution in child and youth welfare, I offer seminars, workshops and lectures for educational professionals, children and parents. I tailor the concrete content, methods and framework to your needs.

Gender aware? Gender fair? Gender neutral?

Gender and language (specifically for German speaking groups)

If you or your team feel overrun or overwhelmed by the current developments regarding gender-equitable language, I offer you clarification assistance in the form of seminars and workshops. Concrete contents, as well as general conditions, will be coordinated with you in discussion to meet the needs of the target group.

Gender in the context of system laws

Systemic gender awareness in everyday working life

As certified Expert of Communication, I offer seminars and workshops in which system laws (according to Dieter Bischop) are used to get to the heart of society-specific, system-immanent discrimination. The framework conditions of the event will be agreed with you in consultation.

Power to the people

Gender-sensitive empowerment workshops

This workshop series is aimed at people who are socially read as "women". Concrete contents, methods and frameworks are tailored to the needs of the target group.

Kerstin lives her content and also inspires others through openness and appreciation for what they bring with them as participants. As a speaker, she always creates an atmosphere in which people known and unknown to each other can exchange their attitudes and experiences without making judgements about each other or themselves. As the organiser, I have been able to observe for four years in a row what an invaluable value this exchange has for our professionals - how much they take home for themselves personally and also for their work and what incredibly positive encounters arise in the group.

Florian Steenken, Landestelle der Jugendsozialarbeit in Niedersachsen

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