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Systemic Coaching

You have the feeling that you are going round in circles and not really making any progress. You have a concrete problem with a person, group or situation, but you don't see a way to solve it. You find yourself facing the same or similar challenges again and again and long for change.

As systemic coach I accompany and support you in your development process. The direction of the change process is determined by you. It is my task to examine the respective change processes with you in advance regarding their possible effects on you personally and the system(s) concerned. The aim is to achieve a healthy balance between preservation and change. In the further course of the coaching, I am the discussion partner who supports you in developing new perspectives and strategies. I will help you to integrate them into your everyday life.

Individual coaching

For individuals

You want a conversation partner who listens attentively and asks you the right questions at the right time. You are looking for someone who can help you sort through situations and behaviour patterns by mirroring them. You feel that a change is necessary in your life, but you don't know what it could look like, let alone where to start. 

If one or more of these statements describes your current situation, please contact me.

Coaching with gender awareness

For those in any kind of relationships (partners, friends, siblings)

You are in a relationship that suffers from constant arguments, misunderstandings or conflicts. You and your partner have tried everything, but still feel stuck. You are tired of the classic couple therapies, but want to give your relationship another chance. 

With the help of a precise look at gender-specific attributions and the resulting unconscious behaviour, I support you in looking at interpersonal conflicts, hurt from and disagreements with each other from a new perspective. This new perspective serves as a key to more understanding and acceptance of differences. From it, approaches to solutions and strategies for action can be developed.


For teams

You want to support your team with time to pause and reflect at regular intervals and in the longer term. There are tensions in your team that affect both the working atmosphere and the work results. You are in the process of forming a new team and see heterogeneity, readiness for conflict and enjoyment of work as a necessary challenge. Your team is a "colourful bunch" of people who need supportive guidance in successful communication. Your team encounters personal fates or traumas every day in dealing with clients or customers and urgently needs a possibility for moderated exchange and reflection. 

If one or more of these statements describes your current situation or that of your team, please contact me.

Conflict management / conflict resolution / mediation 

For individuals, teams and leaders

Conflicts, whether open or hidden, are the biggest disruptive factors in interpersonal relationships, both at work and in private life. You are actively involved in a conflict but do not know how to address or resolve it. You are part of a team in which an unspoken conflict dominates everyday interaction. You want to train your team on how to deal with conflict effectively and constructively. You have had negative experiences in conflict management and would like to avoid similar situations happening again.

If one or more of these statements describes your current situation or that of your team, please contact me.

The coaching sessions with Kerstin have given me a lot of clarity regarding my wishes, abilities and goals. She is an attentive listener. Where I often lacked words, she was able to recognise contexts and name things concretely. Through the process of reflection supported by her, I have become much better at communicating my point of view to third parties and standing up for my concerns without creating defensiveness or resistance. I am now much more aware of language and how it can work to move someone positively or negatively.

Tania from Hamburg

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