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My Motives

It fills me with joy and sparks enthusiasm when I get the chance to accompany people in their personal development. Many years of professional experience in teaching and research have shown that playful ease and creativity, reflective emotionality and intellectual curiosity are the qualities that I bring out as well as strengthen and deepen in others. I create spaces in which unfamiliar, new perspectives are possible. Here they can be explored in a protected manner. 

Perceiving and recognising people in their entirety – i.e. with all their rough edges – encouraging and strengthening, as well as accompanying and guiding them means productive challenge. For me, individual differences are positive diversity and potential. I see it as part of my vocation to critically question seemingly irrefutable facts and to initiate change processes with pleasure. Participants of my trainings as well as my coaching clients learn to position themselves self-confidently while simultaneously critically reflect on their own perspectives.

My Offers

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Gender Awareness

Gender is one of the first - if not the first - category I am assigned to without any action on my part. This categorisation is accompanied by culturally and historically developed assumptions and (pre)judgements that I cannot escape. These so called unconscious bias have an enormous influence on my identity development. In other words, the characteristics attributed to a gender are identity-forming. 

I see my task in raising awareness within people to a gender-specific perception. In other words, to make them aware of attributions, assumptions and (pre)judgements - such as women are emotional and men are rational. In my opinion, this kind of awareness is the first step towards a necessary development process that will ultimately result in a more gender-equal society. 

I am burning for this process of change. And when I get to work with people who are open and curious about the process of change, my heart starts singing - and sometimes my feet start dancing.

Diversity & Unconscious Bias

When I look at my surroundings with open eyes, I see a society characterised by colourful diversity - in terms of ethnicity, religion/belief, social status, education, age, physical, mental and emotional abilities, skin colour and gender. I see this diversity as an enormous power bank, a source of strength that is one of the greatest resources for a better - because richer – communal living.   

However, from my perspective, the reality still looks different now: potentials are wasted, remain undiscovered and unused. At best, lived diversity is limited to a tolerated coexistence without any actual contact or fruitful exchange with each other. Unconscious bias plays a decisive role in this process.

I see my task in helping people to become aware of their unconscious bias, their perceptual distortions and the prejudices and clichés that go along with them. This is my contribution to a peaceful, joyful and more colourful society, in which a distinction between "us" and "them, the others" fades away, to ultimately disappear completely.

Team building at RGB Parkour Tour back in 2014._edited.jpg

Systemic Coaching

For me, systemic coaching means looking at people and groups in the context of their respective systems - i.e. networks of relationships. In my coaching sessions, I become an interview partner and process facilitator. By mirroring situations as well as asking basic and seemingly trivial questions, I become a "sorting aid". If desired, I offer my support in clarifying situations and making decisions.

The coaching sessions with Kerstin have given me a lot of clarity regarding my wishes, abilities and goals. She is an attentive listener. Where I often lacked words, she was able to recognise contexts and name things concretely. Through the process of reflection supported by her, I have become much better at communicating my point of view to third parties and standing up for my concerns without creating defensiveness or resistance. I am now much more aware of language and how it can work to move someone positively or negatively.

Tania from Hamburg

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